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Pest Now of Virginia is a well-known company in its area. Located at 22395 Powers Ct, Sterling, VA 20166, this relatively new pest control company was founded in 1995 as Superior Pest Management when four high school friends decided to start a business together.

Over the past 20 years, this company has grown from just a pest control company in one town into three separate states, Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia. Some of the towns that they service include Fairfax, Manassas, Richmond, and Fredericksburg.

Unique Service

Hard work and great customer service have really given this pest control company the wings to fly in an industry that expects nothing but excellent service every time a technician shows up to deal with your pest issues.

This pest company didn’t stop at pest control services, termite control, and being exterminators for most infestations but they have also expanded into installing a very interesting kind of insulation in new houses and existing real estate.

This insulation is called T.A.P or otherwise known as thermal acoustical pest control.

How it works is the technician sprays the foam insulation into the wall cavities just like any other foam spray insulation technician would; however, this insulation is treated for boric acid meaning that any insect that comes into contact with the boric acid will absorb the chemical directly into their bodies causing them to die well before they can establish a nest inside of the home.

I find this to be an awesome and ingenious method for long term pest control and one of the most unique home services I have ever come across! I do feel that it is my responsibility to note that this treatment may not have much effect on bed bug infestations as they do not typically infest the inner wall areas of a home.

Also, bed bugs tend to get into a home via someone bringing them in on their luggage, old furniture, packages, and even on someone’s person rather than walking in like other pests.

Overall, Pest Now of Virginia strikes me as an excellent service provider. They have maintained an A+ rating from the BBB for more than three years and an excellent 4-star or more rating just about anywhere you care to look. They offer quarterly treatment plans, next day service, and by all accounts, they are very punctual.

Just like any other company they, of course, have some negative aspects that stand out from the mass of positive aspects. If this pest control company has one downfall it is that they seem to be a little lackluster when it comes to their wildlife removal services.

My research has shown that most of the complaints that they receive have to do with the unsuccessful removal or exclusion of wildlife.

However, no one is perfect and I think this company offers a nice balance of options for types of critters that they can take care of in their quarterly services. They offer great customer service while taking care of your pest problems which is shown by the constant efforts to respond to all complaints and resolve them as quickly as possible in favor of their customers.

Customer Service

Having stripped out some of the larger more well-known name brands in the industry, my research has shown that this service provider has won the hearts of its customers with an amazing 4.8-star rating. But what makes Pest Now of Virginia one of the best pest control services in their area and do they really deserve the title?

When you start looking into a pest control service there are a few features that one needs to consider. Some of the first things you look at are what services do they provide, are they near you, and how do they deal with complaints from their customers aka what is their BBB rating?

But how does this company handle customer complaints? Every company is going to have some amount of misunderstandings with their customers where something that was expected did not happen or one party didn’t deliver what the other expected.

Understanding this as part of the reality of being in business, I can safely say that how a company handles the situations is the most important thing. Pest Now of Virginia handles these incidents with poise and professionalism.

To start, let’s check out what the BBB thinks of this company. Their BBB rating is an A+ which has nothing to do with customer reviews but is a reflection of how the BBB thinks this company will interact with their customers. An A+ means that the BBB believes that from what they have seen Pest Now of Virginia deals fairly with its customers and makes a good effort to resolve any complaints that they might have.

As for their customers, most of them have nothing but good things to say about Pest Now of Virginia, and the few that are not giving this company stellar reviews are at least middle of the ground with no serious complaints.

Which Pests Does Pest Now of Virginia Cover?

If you need pests treated, then you need to know what kind of pest issues a pest control company covers. Pest Now of Virginia covers a wide range of insect, rodent, and wildlife services which include but are not limited to, termites, termite inspection, bed bugs, crickets, cockroaches, spider control, ants, millipedes, centipedes, house centipedes, rats, and mice.

Their wildlife services include removing and preventing the entry of bats and raccoons. This service comes with a year warranty. However, due to the unpredictable nature of wildlife they can not guarantee that after a year you won’t have problems again.

With this year-long guarantee, they also have a solid IPM or integrated pest management plan that they can share with you to help reduce the attractiveness of your home to wildlife. Make sure to ask your technician about these steps.

I find it interesting that they only advertise for two creatures when it comes to wildlife removal, but perhaps these are the two most common critters in their area, or perhaps it’s a licensing issue.

Despite being a little limited in the wildlife removal area, this company still offers a wide range in its pest service which means it is more than likely able to take care of your day to day needs.

How Expensive Is Pest Now of Virginia?

As in all things we come to the question of price. What is this company going to cost me when it comes to taking care of my everyday pest control needs? They don’t list a service price on their website, so I made a phone call to the head office.

After speaking with a technician for a few minutes I was able to suss out that their quarterly treatments cost about 125 dollars for the initial treatment, 89 dollars a quarter, and you will also receive free re-services in between quarterly services if there is a new problem or the previously existing problems have not been resolved to your liking.

This cost covers interior and exterior treatments and all of the critters listed previously in this article but not wildlife removal.

Some of their customers report that this company has come by to fix the damage caused by termites for as little as 100 dollars and they seemed pretty excited about the price that they paid.

At least, I believe they were considering that they gave this company a five-star review. Without knowing square footage it would be difficult for me to give you an exact opinion on how fair this was but on the surface, it seems pretty fair to me.

Wildlife removal is a much more costly affair. There isn’t a solid price that I can give you on this subject as it depends on if the target animal is in your attic or crawl space or somewhere else. According to the person I spoke to about this service has a range of 585 dollars to 785 dollars and includes removal of the creature, screening off the entry point, and spraying the inhabited area for parasites.

All in all, this isn’t the most outrageous price I’ve ever seen for wildlife removal but it would be best to talk to your pest control technician about ways to avoid the situation in the first place.

Is Pest Now of Virginia Pet Safe?

If there is one complaint to make against this company it is that they have absolutely no statement about what products they are using and what effects they have on pets.

I happen to know that in animals, boric acid has a high variance of toxicity depending on the animal’s size. Once the T.A.P. is installed, I believe that would be very safe for your pets because it is inside of the walls where they cannot get at it unless your guinea pig were to get out and into your walls.

If you decide to investigate this company I highly recommend that you take the time to talk to the technician about what kinds of products they will be using and what pet safety measures you will need to take in order to protect your pets from an accident.

Does Pest Now of Virginia Offer Free Inspections?

Free inspection or free quote seems to be a common question that we are faced with around here. A technician doing a free inspection is a technician not completing a service and often times that means this technician is doing something that they are not getting paid for.

From what I could gather while speaking with a technician, the inspection is part of the price for your initial pest control service. However, I was able to obtain a few quotes on what it would cost for a 3,000 square foot house and wildlife removal service which I found to be more than reasonable.

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

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  • Proactive in resolving customer complaints
  • Reasonable quarterly prices
  • Unique pest control using the T.A.P. system
  • Zero mention of pesticides that they use
  • Doesn't make a statement about pet safety
  • Only covers two types of wildlife
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