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Milford New Hampshire is considered one of the top ten best places to live, it has its own quarry which has given it the nickname of “The Granite Town”. JP Pest Services corporate office is located in Milford, NH with additional offices in the New England area including Vermont and Massachusetts.

Every company these days wants to talk about their culture and commitment to going the extra mile to make a great first impression. This is because like any market, the pest management market is quite competitive and they know that once they lose a customer they will probably never get them back.

JP Pest Services is no different. On the outside, they have a nice polish and seem very attractive. A quick Google search will tell anyone and everyone that they are a great company! They offer several key pest control services that any owner of New England homes would want to have available to them.

Do they actually deliver?

When it comes to a companies reviews I like to really do my research. Sure Google might show that they have a 4.7-star review, but one should dig really deep and see what the 1-star reviews have to say about this company. In this day and age, it isn’t hard for someone to make a few fake accounts and slap on a few 5-star reviews just to make themselves look good.

So once more the question is, does this company deliver results for its customers? This is the question that we all have when it comes to a pest control company and whether they can resolve our infestation issues or not. Most of JP Pest Services customers seem to think that they take care of their pest issues, and in my opinion, that is a really good sign.

What problems have others had?

While most of the customers have had a good experience there have been a few key failings that I think you should be aware of before you get involved with this company.

The first issue that stood out to me is that they seem to have an unspoken limit to how many times they will come back to your house to take care of a problem. One customer talks about how everything was going well until they signed up for their quarterly service and paid for the year in advance.

Once they paid for the entire year, they had them come back 4 other times to deal with rodent issues that they had not been able to resolve. This customer was told that they had come back more than they felt the company should and they wouldn’t be coming back anymore that year.

Summing up

There are other testimonials that I could go into but I feel that this one sums up the worst of the possible problems that you might get from this company. There seems to be a pattern of starting out strong but as time goes on this company loses steam and stops delivering high-quality service for its long-time customers.

All in all, I give JP Pest Services a 3 out of 5 stars. I recommend them for one-time treatments but you should probably look elsewhere for any kind of quarterly pest control service due to their lack of enthusiasm or commitment to doing the job until the problem is resolved. This is certainly not the home of the free re-service.

If you need their business information feel free to go to and you can find all of their contact information there.

Which Pests Does JP Pest Services Cover?

This company treats for ants, termites, rodents, rodent control, bed bugs, mosquitos, wasps, and hornets.

This is not a very comprehensive list. In fact, in the realm of pest control services, this may be one of the most limited lists that I have ever seen. Perhaps they are just focused, but to me, it seems like they aren’t willing to commit to taking care of very many common household pests.

What about silverfish, house centipedes, millipedes, crickets, or any of the various kinds of cockroaches? What about outdoor pest problems such as slugs, snails, centipedes, and aphids?

They do also bring to the table a wildlife removal program that covers bats, raccoons, squirrels, skunks, birds, and beavers. Additionally, they add a statement of “and more” after this list but I haven’t been instilled with confidence when it comes to this company and areas that are left gray.

As far as a pest control company or exterminator company goes I really think their vermin selection is quite limited but perhaps they make up for it with the list of critters that they will handle in their wildlife removal services.

They also provide commercial services for several different kinds of businesses. However, they do not go into what sorts of pests they treat in that department, but rather just leave it at “commercial pests”.

While this certainly can change the type of pests that you could be talking about they probably offer the same pest removal as they do for residential but I’d like them to be a little more specific in this area.

How Expensive Is JP Pest Services?

JP Pest Services’ prices are a bit high compared to other pest control solutions in the area. They charge 1400 dollars for bed bug removal while others charge around 1000 dollars for the same service.

I could not ascertain what their quarterly treatment plans would cost, and of course, they don’t advertise prices on their website.

I feel comfortable saying that most likely your price will vary depending on the size of the home in question and what pests you are dealing with. Other than that you would have to call and give them the details of your needs to get a price.

Is JP Pest Services Pet Safe?

There is a disturbing trend in some of the smaller pest control companies and that is their lack of consideration when it comes to their customer’s pets. For some reason even if they do take special precautions in relation to your home and pets safety they don’t advertise it.

JP Pest Services, unfortunately, falls into this category. Nowhere on their website do they take a moment to talk about the ways that they will keep your pets safe or what measures they have taken to ensure the safety of your pet.

The one redeeming feature that this company has in this area is that they make the safety data sheet information for all of their pesticides available on their website.

As always I highly recommend you take the time to speak with your pest control technician before any treatment takes place and ask them about what products they will be using and if they are pet safe or if you need to take any precautions.

Does JP Pest Services Offer Free Inspections?

Most companies take the time to at least offer a free over the phone quote. JP Pest Services falls into this weird section where not only do they not advertise a free quote over the phone but they also do not offer a free inspection even for termite inspections.

They do however offer a service that makes them stand out from everyone else. You can use them to get a free pest ID via the entomologist that they employ.

Because I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone I went ahead and gave this feature a test run. I used a picture from my days of being a pest control technician and sent it in.

Honestly, I was expecting to get to a point where they would require a credit card number and for me to sign up for a year’s worth of pest control before I could send in my request. But much to my surprise my image was sent and I received an email stating that it was being reviewed.

I received another email back and they asked me to send them a sample of the creature because they couldn’t identify it. Which isn’t totally unreasonable.

At least the service works and the company makes a good effort to try and figure out what your mystery pest is without charging you for the service. In addition to that, the exchange was pleasant, and when I said I used a google image search to figure out what the pest was they just said “Cool! I’ll have to give that a try.” I really appreciate the fact that no one attempted to pressure me into getting their service.

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

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  • Most of their customers are happy
  • The website has a list of all the products they use
  • Free pest ID by an entomologist
  • Seems to be more expensive
  • The customer complaints they do get are quite serious
  • No obvious pet safety measures
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