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Regardless of what kind of pest control services, exterminators, or fumigation experts a customer is looking to take care of for their infestation needs, there is always one question that every person wants an answer to before they commit to handing over their hard-earned money: what kind of quality is this company going to deliver?

While searching the web for that perfect pest control company, one of the many that you may stumble across is Connor’s Pest Protection who has been delivering an astounding 4.4-star rating service to its local community and several other surrounding towns in Virginia since 1944.

Like many things, change came to Connor’s in the form of a merger with Ehrlich a Rentokil company. This merger leaves the consumer with the question as to what the service will be like now that there is a new player involved.

From my personal experience when a company sells to another company or merges with another company there are generally many changes that take place and these changes can often lead to a loss in quality. Bigger businesses buy out smaller ones and that is just the name of the game. However, this appears to be more of a merger than a buyout.

Despite the merger of Connor’s Pest Protection and Ehrlich’s back at the start of the year this company has only seen a slight decline in their star rating. What was once an average of 4.4 has dropped to an average of a 3.8-star rating. This reduction in star rating is minor and more than recoverable for the company.

This, of course, leaves our readers with the burning question as to what can they expect from this company now that Ehrlich is part of the picture.

Unfortunately, Ehrlich has a much wider range of scores depending on if you are looking at the branch in Washington D.C, the D.C region, or the one in Ashburn Virginia. These numbers range from a 4-star rating all the way down to a 1-star rating depending on location, leaving us with an average of a 2.5-star rating company-wide.

In short, the Ehrlich’s branch, which was once Connor’s Pest Protection, seems to be holding onto its high standards and commitment to quality.

Now let us take a look at what kind of services you can expect from this company.

Special Services

Ehlrich’s is also more than just a pest control company, they are also exterminators. It is quite common for people to use those terms interchangeably but they do mean very different things. A pest control company is all about managing a pest population to the point where you just don’t notice them at all or at least very seldom.

Exterminators, on the other hand, are about the complete eradication of a population. This is typically achieved through fumigation and done for problem pests such as rodents, cockroaches, or any other pest that has a zero-tolerance metric associated with its name.

Recently, Elhrich’s has started including a disinfecting service for their customers which is available for anyone regardless if you’re a residential or commercial account. This service has been introduced in order to help give their customers peace of mind. Why a sanitization service you might ask?

When a home or a business develops certain pest problems such as cockroaches or rodent infestations, they hire a pest control company to come in and remove them. The pest may be gone but the droppings, urine, and bacteria that they introduced into the environment still linger behind.

Depending on the situation you may need a sanitization crew to come through and give the are a thorough clean to avoid getting sick or attracting new pests later.

Which Pests Does Connor’s Pest Protection Cover?

The types of pests and pest issues that you can expect to receive from this pest control company include the following, termite, termite control, termite inspection, bed bug, cockroaches, animal removal, hornets, mosquito control, and heat treatments.

Along with this list of pest management options, they also provide home inspections for real estate and will look your house over for possible entry points that pests are using to get in.

While this is not the most extensive list of pests that I have seen, it is more than sufficient and should easily cover the needs of just about every homeowner in this region. On top of this, they also service commercial accounts for many of the pests listed above.

One point I wanted to touch on that really stands out to me about this customer is that they use heat treatments for bed bug infestations. Heat treatments for bed bugs infestations are the most responsible treatment method for dealing with bed bugs due to the fact that bed bugs are highly resistant to most pesticides.

This has to do with their multiple resistance mechanisms such as an enzyme that they produce that detoxifies their bodies. Many pest control companies that do home services do not offer heat treatments at all!

In addition to the types of pests that this company covers they also offer these services in a wider range of housing options. Many companies will not do a treatment for you if you live in an apartment building unless they are also treating the entire apartment. If your neighbor has a problem but doesn’t have a pest control service you will have their problem and it will be nearly impossible for them to get rid of it for you which makes them look bad.

Connor’s, however, offers their services to homes, apartments, condominiums, and HOA’s. They even will do home inspections and crawl space encapsulations for you. I think that this is one area where they really stand out from everyone else and I commend them for undertaking this endeavor.

Alongside their residential services, Connor’s also provides services to the commercial section. The commercial accounts available are office buildings, food processing facilities, grocery stores, health care facilities, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, schools, and warehouses.

The last point I want to touch on is that this pest control company also offers snake removal. While this is may not seem like a huge deal on the surface, the fact that you can have one company taking care of such a variety of problems for you makes them a convenient choice for their customers.

How Expensive Is Connor’s Pest Protection?

While researching this company, something that really stood out to me is the lack of advertised prices. It is my inclination that they are probably reasonably priced because no one is complaining about how expensive they are. However, that isn’t solid proof.

Additionally, because of their merge with Elrich’s, whatever the prices for Connor’s Pest Protection happened to be are probably different now.

After digging around and doing quite a bit of research, I didn’t receive a solid reply to my question on price. However, they do offer coupons on their site for their services.

Along the same lines as the 25% off coupon that you can get they also have a referral program where you can get 40 dollars off your price and the person you refer gets 40 dollars off of their price if they sign up.

This is a very generous offer that helps you and the company. Also, they have several other coupons available for their services which is a nice approach in an industry where the mentality is that you get what you get and that is good enough.

If there is one thing that really lowers any companies standing in my mind is the lack of transparency in pricing. They advertise clear pricing however it isn’t actually advertised anywhere leading me to suspect that you will have to get in touch with a representative to get an idea of how much services will cost.

Is Connor’s Pest Protection Pet and Child Safe?

Ehrlich’s, formerly Connors Pest Protection, has a very detailed explanation of how they perform their services and why their process and products are safe for your children and your pets.

As many other companies do, they start with an inspection of your home to identify your pest problems, the locations of these pests, and what attracted these pests to your home. This may seem a bit underwhelming, but I can tell you from my own years of experience in the field that it is a crucial step to not only solving the problem but doing so in a fashion that is safe for your household and the environment.

For more specific details on why their products are safe, we need to really delve into what their products are made of and how they work. When it comes to removing an insect-based pest this company uses botanical-based products that target octopamine neurotransmitter receptors which only invertebrates possess. Because mammals do not have these receptors the products have no effect on them.

In addition to the use of these ultra-safe products, Connor’s also maintains a very high degree of education for their employees. Prior to receiving their certification all of their technicians receive 40 hours of training in the field with an expert. These factors all culminate into a very safe process.

Does Connor’s Pest Protection Offer Free Inspections?

Ehrlich’s, formerly Connors Pest Protection, does not seem to offer a free inspection but rather they offer a free quote. Once you receive your quote and agree on the kind of service that you want, they send someone out to your home and the inspection of the home takes part as part of the service.

All in all, this is a common practice in this industry as it would be very easy for someone to call and have a free inspection of their home and then simply not move forward with the service.

To sum it up, a free quote over the phone is really sufficient for any customer to know if this service will suit them or not and the lack of a free inspection doesn’t hurt this company standing in my mind at all.

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

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  • Connor's Pest Protection merged with Ehrlich and Ehrlich has a much lower customer satisfaction rating
  • Small service area
  • Ambiguous prices
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