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Before we get started I want to make a very clear distinction. All-Pro Pest Services is a different company from All-Pro Pest control. Here and in this review, we are talking about All-Pro Pest Services.

All-Pro Pest Services is a pest control company that has decided to lean heavily into a sports theme for their business. Everything about them from their style to how they express their intentions and even their attitude pitches the idea to their customers and possible customers that they are a business that works as a team with you to take care of your pest problems.

This pest control service established itself in Georgia in 1971 and has been helping the state of Georgia and the major cities like Atlanta by delivering their pest control services for business owners, new construction, and existing homes ever since.

Their main office is located at 1259 Cobb Industrial Dr, Marietta, GA 30066. Their service areas may be small but they are quite willing to help others outside of their normal work area by helping you find a qualified professional near you.

Unique types of Service

All-Pro Pest Services offers many of the same kinds of pest control services that every other pest management company offers. Where they stand apart from all of the rest is in the way that they go about treating for termites.

Normally when you have an infestation of subterranean termites the process for getting them taken care of goes a little something like this. A pest control company such as Terminix comes out and they dig a trench around your home that is 6 inches deep and 6 inches wide. They then apply the pesticide into the trench which not only can require many gallons of water but often can include 4 or more gallons of termiticide to fill the trench and then spray the soil that goes back into the trench once the ground has absorbed the pesticide.

Needless to say that not only is this procedure invasive it isn’t very environmentally friendly due to a large number of pesticides and the high volume of water it uses but it also does a number on your landscaping leaving a nasty scar around your house until the grass can grow back and you can replant whatever kind of flower or bushes you had there before they were dug up.

All-pro pest services, inc does things in a different manner. They use a machine called the Termidor HP 2 high precision injection system. How it works is the technician goes around your house with a machine that looks something like a jackhammer but instead of breaking up the ground and making a lot of noise it injects the area where you would have dug the trench directly with the termiticide causing it to penetrate 6 inches into the ground without leaving a trace that it has done so.

Not only does the precise injection not destroy your landscaping but it uses an onboard computer that calculates the correct amount of product to inject into the ground thus reducing the number of products used and greatly reduces water consumption as well.

In addition to the HP 2 high precision injection system, they also utilize more traditional termite control in the form of baiting systems to monitor your property for termites to let them know if there is any termite activity or not.

Customer Service

This company has a unique and non-invasive way of dealing with your termite problems, they are accredited by the National Pest Management Association. They have commercial and residential services for new homes or old ones. So their qualifications for the job check out, but what about their customer service skills?

The very cornerstone of every good business is the quality of its customer service. Despite what many think this does not mean that the customer is always right. In an industry that is highly regulated by the department of agriculture, the pest control technician is liable for how the product is used and said technician, or rather the applicator in question is the one who incurs all fines and the jail time that comes with the miss-use of the product. So you can understand why I say that at times in this instance the customer is not always correct.

With that explanation out of the way, I do think that the customer should get what they are paying for. If you sign up for a certain service and are paying out over three-hundred dollars a year or more and you do not get the service and all the benefits of that service then we suddenly have a very big problem and any customer would have the right to be outraged at getting ripped off.

Many customers that have lodged complaints against All-Pro Pest Services not only talk about how they are not getting what they paid for but that just by buying a home where the previous owner had the companies service that All-Pro has attempted to force the new owner into paying for the return of their termite traps.

Still, other people complain that after paying the 300+ dollars a year for termite protection and monitoring when the company found termites in the traps they attempted to make the customers pay an additional 400 dollars for a “new” pesticide to take care of the problem.

They do take the time to respond to customer complaints that are lodged with the Better Business Bureau which has given them an A rating at the BBB. However, they don’t make any effort to respond to customer complaints that you find elsewhere. In my opinion, this shows that their interest is in maintaining their rating more than it is in helping the customer.

What can I say about this kind of business practices except that it is shady, I’m not surprised that across several platforms that I researched they average a star rating of three or less. My only hope is that this company will realize how important it is to do what they promise their customers and make the changes to stay afloat.

Which Pests Does All-Pro Pest Services Cover?

The one pest that I did not find on their list that they offer exterminator services for was the bed bug. Quite honestly I understand this quite well as bed bug treatments are a long and lengthy process and if those reasons aren’t enough to forgive a company for not doing it then also know to do it effectively you really need the correct equipment that involves heating a room up enough to cook the bed bugs to death. On this point, I give this company a complete pass and in no way hold it against them for not treating for this one pest.

A list of creatures that they will treat for follows and it includes. Ants, Spiders, beetles, millipedes wasps, bees, flies, hornets, yellow jackets, mosquitos, and a mosquito reduction program.

They also offer bird removal and wildlife removal services, and even a gutter cleaning service which may sound strange but clogged gutters can breed mosquitos, and sometimes ants can set up in the leaves and mud clumps that get caught up there.

How Expensive Is All-Pro Pest Services?
From what I’ve been able to find out this company has an average price when it comes to their termite monitoring program which seems to fall right at the 320 dollars a year range.

Like most pest control companies, they do not give any kind of pricing on their website as the cost is going to vary based on what kind of treatment you are receiving, the size of the home, and possibly based on what the pest is in question.

Where people start talking about this company getting pricey is the hidden fees that you might not notice in your contract. Make sure to read your contract folks!

Is All-Pro Pest Services Pet Safe?

With a strong integrated pest management system, technicians following the label, and top-notch training every pest control company should be relatively safe for your pets. All-Pro takes it one step further and uses eco-friendly pest control methods. However, they do not state what these pest control methods are so it is very difficult to tell if it is truly pet safe.

As always I encourage you to remove all pet-related items from the area that will be treated such as toys, bedding, food, and water bowls. In addition to these precautions, I suggest speaking with the pest control technician before any service and discuss what areas are going to be treated if there is anything you should know in relation to your pets.

They do offer some coupons on their website to help offset the costs. There is a 10% off coupon for their termite treatment and there is a 50 dollar off coupon for their mosquito reduction program.

Does All-Pro Pest Services Offer Free Inspections?

It does not appear that All-Pro Pest Services offers any kind of free inspection with their service. Most likely this inspection is built into the initial service and so is its cost. They do offer a free quote that you can obtain by submitting a short survey about your home and pest problems through their website.

Reviewed By:
Ed Spicer

Ed has been working in the pest control industry for years helping 1,000's of homeowners navigate the world of insect and rodent management. He manages Pest Strategies now helping homeowners around the world!

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