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Pest Strategies is your "go-to" resource for all your pest removal needs. From guides to product reviews, our goal is to help you with your pest problems.

Who Is Pest Strategies?

Pest Strategies is the premier online resource for home owners and people dealing with pest related problems. It’s a place where you can learn how to kill pests like a pro, learn from industry experts, and get the strategies and tools you need to eliminate your pest problems once and for all. With detailed product reviews to tell you WHAT products to use and simple "how-to" guides to tell you HOW to use them, Pest Strategies is your one-stop-shop sharing the best of what works in pest control.

The average home owner spends between $250 - $300 per year on pest control and pest control services.

We at PestStrategies are on a mission to cut the cost of pest control for homeowner IN HALF over the next 5 years!

Where To Get Started?

If you're new to Pest Strategies, welcome! You'll find an endless stream of resources for just about any pest problem you might have. If you're a regular reader, than you already know the level of content we produce here.

The first place to get started would be to download our 39 Point Home Inspection Checklist. This checklist is the perfect place to begin pest proofing your house. You'll be surprised how vulnerable your house is!

Again, were glad to have you.


The Pest Strategies Team